My senses and my body and my thoughts couldn’t exist apart from the earth.

I can remember back in my music festival days where I first encountered the psilocybin mushroom..
the theme of my whole trip seemed to be something along the lines of, self and other (not self) are not really different. I was bombarded constantly with these intuitive realizations of the mutual interdependence between my self, my consciousness, and the outside world. Simple things, like my feet touching the grass.
The wind and sunlight on my skin. Psilocybin did something to help remove this weird kinda divisive nature of linguistic thought.
Suddenly my skin wasn’t just what made me an isolated “me” but rather it’s what actually connects me(us) to the world.
The senses, the brain, the eyes, consciousness, language... all arose naturally, out of the natural world, and have given us the ability to see it and feel it.
All feelings of being a separate individual, even to this day, have to me been realized as an illusion to some degree, of not completely. My senses and my body and my thoughts couldn’t exist apart from the earth. The earth couldn’t exist apart from the sun.
The sun, apart from the galaxy. And so on. And eventually i realized that even the most distant stars are within reach. All the marvels and artifacts of the universe, stars that are billions of light years away... and yet the eyes, the sense of sight, allows us to “touch” them. Every sense, to my mind, seem to basically be a sense of “touch.”
Everything really is connected. Connections are everywhere! We are all part of this cosmic dance... and we really ought to be careful in trying to understand it. Because you can get so tangled up in the world of language and notation. Mathematics are beautiful. But we’ve gotta find balance between the pursuit of knowledge and just purely appreciating the strangeness and the beauty and the novelty of this cosmos.
Mechanistic moving towards the ecological. So fuckin beautiful man.