Einstein’s most effective life hack wasn’t about productivity

The cult of extreme productivity has robbed us off the ability of enjoying our own company.
He would regularly go for long walks, wander off to quiet cabins in the mountains, play his violin, or sail the seas with his wooden boat to find serenity.
Likewise, practicing solitude would help to improve our productivity, creativity, and decision-making in everyday life.
For example, I take daily walks in a quiet park, travel without my headphones, and spend a few days in the woods once every couple of months.
And I can say without a shadow of doubt, that my breakthrough ideas and clarity on crucial life decisions, have shown up during these moments of solitude.
Productivity isn’t about getting more things done, rather it’s about getting the right things done, while doing less.
The best way to figure out the right things to focus on and the best ways to tackle them is to spend more time alone with your thoughts and embrace solitude.