The lesson? If you want to understand reality, don’t be pedantic.

Human language is not a code. True codes have a one-to-one relationship with meaning. One sound, one definition. This is what we see with animals.

Wilson and Sperber explain that “coded communication works best when emitter and receiver share exactly the same code. Any difference between the emitter’s and receiver’s codes is a possible source of error in the communication process.” For animals, any evolutionary mutations that affected the innate code would be counter-adaptive. A song-bird one note off key is going to have trouble finding a mate.
We communicate more than the definitions of our words would suggest.
Steven Pinker argues language itself as a DNA-level instinct.
And we decode more than the words spoken to us.
This is inferential communication, and it means that we understand not only the words spoken, but the context in which they are spoken.
We can [...] make inferences based on the context.

We communicate based on shared experience, or are we ?