You might not even realize it is happening

We look for evidence that supports our beliefs and opinions about the world but excludes those that run contrary to our own… In an attempt to simplify the world and make it conform to our expectations, we have been blessed with the gift of cognitive biases.
The confirmation bias is so fundamental to your development and your reality that you might not even realize it is happening.

When I realize that I bookmarked this quote two months ago, only to read it again now, after the book caught my attention in a big way only a few days ago... And the original quote wasn't even from the book. Which mean I can use this tool as a way to search, pin, filter and then prioritize what counts, as intended: I just have to record what matters, when it comes, then when I feel overwhelmed, I'll browse through the content without much intent, and I'll have a glimps at the things which are most important to me, and an opportunity to consolidate them.

Like when here I know now that although there are so many interesting books to read, I really want to read this whole particular book now.

It also confirm that Farnam Street is a really good source of information to me, when it comes to filter the noise out and tracking the signal.