Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat <=> Time, Research, Thought, Experience

It’s about learning to taste. [...] Cooking is in large part learning what you like.
The key is in the wanting. You don’t become a master of a craft through compulsion, but through desire
In a world where we’re constantly immersed in what other people like through the same digital channels that offer us unlimited choices for instantaneous food delivery, knowing what you want to eat and what precisely it should taste like is no longer trivial.
I think everything in our lives is attracting us away from using our hands and using our senses. Because there's an easier, faster, clickier, screenier, more digital, more efficient way to do it
I think it's about doing your best to drown everything else out and pay attention to your own senses.
the core of our work is still something that requires time, research, thought, and experience
what she’s describing happening in the kitchen is called embodied cognition, thinking in and with the body. And, as we shall see, that extends in a restaurant kitchen into a complex system of collective cognition.
it was really just out of desperation that I, in my own head, distilled this thing.
nobody took the time to create that vocabulary for themselves, and so there wasn't a way for them to teach it to me.
* Time as Salt: how long it can take to really pull all of the succulence out of something [...] letting them evolve that leads to great results
* Research like fat: really is a social principle [...] the sociability of ideas is where the breakthroughs come from.
* Thought as Acid: you generally don’t just eat the raw lemon. You use the lemon to balance existing flavors, just as you use thought to question your existing assumptions, often revising them in the process.
* Heat, as Time [...] is the element of transformation. It is, in many ways, cooking itself. But understanding how heat works in different situations is the result of practice and experience.
It's really hard to get to the point where you have the confidence to do that. I'm trying to train people to really pay attention to their own feelings and to their own senses, and to their own desires
I'm really excited to share stories and to help elevate other voices that I feel are missing from the larger conversation.