Iodine Supplementation: Usage “with a Grain of Salt”

hypothyroidism, goiter, and hypothyroidism-related brain damage in the newborns, but Most people are highly tolerant to iodine and can be chronically exposed to massive amounts of iodine without developing apparent side effects iodine excess-related thyroid disorders can be a clinical problem as well.
Median UIE Iodine intake
General population
<99 μg/L Insufficient
100–199 μg/L Adequate
200–299 μg/L More than adequate
≥300 μg/L Excessive
Pregnant women
<150 μg/L Insufficient
150–249 μg/L Adequate
250–499 μg/L More than adequate
≥500 μg/L Excessive
Breastfeeding women and children younger than 2 years old
<100 μg/L Insufficient
≥100 μg/L Adequate

UIE: urinary iodine excretion.